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  • 23 Mar 2014 11:14 PM | Anonymous
    DHCC-NJ Chair-Elect News

    By Cheryl Ann Macellaro, RDN

    Hello! Spring is finally here, and I hope you enjoyed some well deserved vacation time over the winter.  What a great time to continue to earn continuing education credits for your CDR portfolio.  Did you know that if you attend all three seminars in one year you earn 15 CEU’s? Imagine 20% of your five year educational criterion met by attending our meetings? And you get lunch too!

    I did have the opportunity to attend FNCE in Houston this past October. I met up with Maria Lewis, RDN and had the opportunity to network with AND President Glenna McCollum, RDN. After her inspiring welcome speech I am proud to sign RDN after my name. After all, we are the Dietetics Nutrition experts!

    As chair-elect I am responsible for hiring speakers for the Spring session.I have hired Nancy O’Dowd, RN,  an expert on dementia and Gale Rader, RN who will speak on dining standards and F-tags. Our members of this organization are quite diversified and maybe “Linked In” with other professionals who have a specific talent. If you know of a professional whose expertise our members could benefit from please feel free to reach out to me at the meeting or email. All I need is a name and contact number sent to:

    My professional career has taken a positive turn this past year, as I earned the title of Supervising Clinical Nutritionist. I join the ranks of my esteemed colleagues, Janet and Joyce (both active members of our group). The camaraderie proved to be effective when we recently reviewed our State Department policy and procedure manual.  Networking as a group for the common cause, policies we adhere to and put into practice.

    I was interested in the positive benefits of networking so I perused the internet and agreed with some of the following facts:

    Fresh ideas – I am asking for names possible speakers with an expertise that would benefit the membership.  What are the latest products available from the vendors for your facility population? This was how we changed over from a powder to a liquid protein supplement.

    Opportunities – Did you know that our web page often posts job opportunities available?  Our webmaster also posts updated legislative information from AND and the State.

    Personalized Contact – Yes I know, we are all Facebook , Linked In and Twitter friends but sometimes it’s the gesture of a handshake that seals a deal; or a verbal commitment between parties that will allow a vendor to get his foot into the door and demonstrate a new product; and of course, what’s lunch amongst friends?

    Resume Reference – going for a second career or just advancing this one, it looks good on the curriculum vitae that you have active membership in the State dietetic Practice group. Imagine how more impressive it would look if the potential employer read you held an office in the group!

    New Information – I think back about the speakers I have hired, listened to and how I walked away from a meeting with a new idea. This is how I implemented the Plate Waste form at my facility. I reached out on the website blog and received numerous forms in the mail. I wrote up my own design based on what I knew others had used and already worked.

    Advice – We have a very active Lending library which is updated every year with the latest trends in Medical Nutrition Therapy.

    Meetings are Credentialed by CDR – We use the CDR form based on our program needs. Attend the meeting, sign the paper and stick it your portfolio. Done.

    Those are just a few of the benefits and I am sure there’s more. Think about what meetings mean to you. Are you getting everything you want out of the meeting? Maybe this year as the last child leaves for college, you’ll take the time to develop a more personal relationship with your chosen profession. That’s how I got started and by the looks of the  yellow brick road I followed,  I loved everything about the trip! Welcome to the Dietitians in Health Care Communities – New Jersey!

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